Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Bristol: Street Art Part Two

I am knuckling down again to some work and have yet again been sidetracked thinking about uploading some more photos from my trip to Bristol. I guess I am just going to write a little more about Bristol and share a few more photos and clear my head and then I can get on with my MASSIVE 'to do' list.

If anyone read the post the other day you will know that I uploaded a few of my favourite photos of some street art that I discovered while I was wandering the streets. If you didn't read it click here and you can have a little look. Bristol, is a City where it is very hard to miss amazing street art, inspiration and colour! The people that are making Bristol the place it is with all the wonderful walls covered in art, you are providing loads of people with a smile a day I reckon.

I have loads that I want to write about Bristol's shops such as Dutty , Blaze, Cox and Boloney Vintage Boutique and eateries like the canteen, which doubles as a music venue too. I feel like I want to devote more time to the shops and eateries though. I will crack on and share some more of the pictures and my mind is now ticking about writing about the wonderful shops I found and my 'to do' list is staring at me. I will save the shops for another day as they deserve more time.....a little something for now though......

One of my favourite finds. A shop full to the brim with creativity and colour, with one off designs, customised vintage, artwork, spraypaint, handmade pieces, accessories and loads more. It has to be checked out. They also play Prince and the owner and staff are ace. I will write more on Dutty soon so watch this space!

I will start the photos with this picture, that I didn't even take. My friend that took me to some good spots last week sent it to me today, well rather Hannah (his girlfriend did!). Thank you Dave and Hannah! a combined effort that made me smile. Dave also runs a community radio show called, A cup of Tea and a piece of Cake on bcfm 93.2fm. He has loads of Bristol based artists on his show. It's more acoustic and folk singer songwriters so if that's your thing then you should tune in!

Love Vandalism :)

Picture taken by Dave.
Thank you!

I LOVE Panda's

Panda chillin' in a boat on Hillgrove St.

It's all about Knowledge.

Loving the colour.

I like the way the peapod is dressed.
Very dapper.

Beautiful butterfly boy hanging out on Brookfield Avenue.

R.I.P Stegosaurus and all other Dinosaurs of course.
(I think it's a Stegosaurus!)

A continuation of the last......

Sitting on a bomb, next to a bin with a birdbox stuck on his head.
The woodpecker about to peck.
I would say he isn't having a great day!
Just wait till it explodes....

Hanging out with a tickle stick.
Isn't her dress cool? :)

Let's play hop scotch.
One of my favourites!

This part of Bristol is so lovely.

I live at Number 2.

I have so many more which I will keep sharing over the next few days, weeks or when I feel like adding a bit of brightness to my posts. I made loads of discoveries while in Bristol and am itching to go back sometime soon to see how the walls have changed, to dance to some ghetto tech (or whatever else is on offer at the time), buy some clothes from Dutty, eat more great food and maybe even go to the Thekla and perhaps even wander over to the Clifton suspension bridge. Yep, I missed that, too busy staring at walls and hanging out with my amazing friends there :)

I have added some links of venues, galleries, shops and other things that caught my eye or I find interesting, all Bristol related. I am no great expert but some of these places kept me happy for 3 days.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Bristol: Street Art and more

I am in the middle of trying to be constructive and organised, and it seems like tonight is not the night for me to be getting it all sorted. I'm embarking on ebay for the first time and sometimes the relatively simple is a headache. Where is my geek when I need him? my skinny jeaned, wearing twiglet legged, dodgy pimpin, porno tashed geek? most importantly, one that is great at organising and has the patient of a saint when ebay rejects my password SEVERAL times, when it cannot be anything other than the one I have inserted a squillion times! Aaaaahhhhhh! So you are feeling my pain I guess and if you aren't well then you have probably never used ebay or are an actual total geek and would never face the problems that I am having this evening or just aren't that arsed about empathy for someone you don't know, who writes a blog you have stumbled across (I don't blame you). I guess this little glitch has brought me to writing this post (they have been fairly absent of late I know!). This is due to loads of stuff but bear with me and I will be back in full swing, embarking on more interviews, pictures, recommendations and all that kind of thing.

The fact that I am writing this post and being thoroughly peeved with my passwords not working brings me to enlighten you and update with some of the things that I have seen and discovered over the past few days. If I go back weeks the post will go on forever and as this isn't a novel I will spare you the words (or try).

I have just spent a few days in Bristol for various reasons (sounds rather important doesn't it?). I will leave you all wondering.... I had never been before and all I assosiated with the city was Drum n' bass, street art and a fantastic music scene. I discovered a whole lot more while wandering about. I shared a few the other day on my posting, you can have a little look here. I found amazing places to eat well for a fiver, great galleries, quirkly little shops, loads of vintage boutiques and a folk night in a scout hut! I'm not even into folk music particularly so that was a random little discovery indeed.

I could write so much about Bristol and all that I found but I think first I will incorporate some of my favourite pieces of street art from the last few days. I made loads of these discoveries either by wandering solo or with my amazing friends that kindly took me to some specific areas. The other discoveries will be shared over time.

In the midst

The major discoveries about Bristol is rather a lot of amazing street art and that DJ Godfather is playing at Timbuk2 on April 15th. I think that anyone that will be in Bristol that weekend shouldn't give it another thought and buy your ticket now. I have seen DJ Godfather play before and can't wait to see him again, sometime soon I hope. I reckon it'll be a night to be remembered, with no room for standing at the bar dancefloor gazing. This one should be a biggie. It's Brock Out's 3rd Birthday! I say go, go, go.....

On Safari

Hand car wash

Beautiful angels and dreams of mountain ranges

Semiotic Servants

Think Local....

Monkey riding a cow

Horley Road

The end result

The streets in England are often grey due the weather and concrete everywhere, but, Bristol is totally brightened up by the colourful street art. Wherever you turn there is something to look at and make you smile, turning the average day into something much brighter. Street art is something that should be embraced. I spent a lot of time just staring at the walls which would normally be a very unacceptable and strange thing to do. I got away with it in bristol though! I even played my first game of skittles in a pub! Apparently another thing that is quite typical.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Friday featuring Mona Piffpaff

I have wanted to start doing a little interview feature on my blog for so long now and its finally getting there. I have an innate passion for asking questions. Some people have said that they have felt like they were under interrogation on first meeting but I think that is a little extreme. I like to describe it as 'interested'. I like finding out about people (amongst other things), what they do, their passions, what makes them tick and what doesn't. Those people can be artists, musicians, researchers, disabled, students, fashionista's, pipefitters, cleaners, surgeons, trend setters, film makers, dreamers, searchers, seekers and I think you get it! i'm interested in people and what they have to say.......and see the world through their eyes, for a moment.

I will begin my first little Friday feature with Mona Piffpaff.

I spent an afternoon on the beach with Mona (which all seems like a distance memory now!) and asked her some questions. I'd like to be sitting on that beach with her again soon :)

A short introduction.

Name: My name is Mona. Mona Souli, but mainly Piffpaff. You do the maths!

Age: 25

Born: Munich

Living in: Barcelona

Occupation: Photographer, film director, survivor.

Studying: Sociology (former studies: cinematography, journalism)

Eye Colour: Brown, like Deer

Here we go......

I will begin on a serious note and ask the thought provoking ones. I like to ask people what their hopes, fears and dreams are in their life.


What do you hope for (in your life)?

To have enough money not to worry about things. To be comfortable with what I have. The last little bit is to become famous and appreciated for my films and photography work.

I think this is definitely possible as I have seen some of her work (photography) and it's pretty good.


What do you fear?

Flying and sharks.

Plane and simple.


A Dream of yours?

To be able to fall asleep before the take off of EVERY flight I’m on.

What makes you cry?

Films. I can absorb a film more than real life. Oh, and myself at times of course!

Mona laughs...

When was the last time you cried?

I’d cry again if i told you now.

Then Mona enlightens us a little snippet “ It was flying back from Berlin, hence a drunken fear tear, which was wiped away by Simon”

What traits do you dislike in people?

People who generalise.

Patronising people.

Someone who thinks they have worked me out (know me) when they actually know f*** all about me.

Guys who only put their thumbs in their pockets (and the rest of the hand is hanging out ).

Oh my goodness I share these views, too. One of the most annoying things in the world are people that think they know you and they actually know nothing at all. I’m with Mona all the way on this one.

Traits that you like in people?

Sarcasm, intuition, hidden sides without showing them, people who are intrigued (thats me, I know now that Mona likes me......!!!), and people who are interested in knowing more.

I just thought I would repeat the last point as its such a good one and its nice to say the same thing twice but in different ways sometimes!!!

What is your favourite food?

Dinkelcrunchies from DM in Munich.

They are basically like Jordan’s crispy crunch for anyone wondering.

Your favourite films?

Old Boy, Donnie Darko, Himmel ├╝ber Berlin, Metropolis, Fargo, Mystery Train, Dolls, Happiness, Delicatessen….

This list could look different at times, depending on my mood swings!

Mona laughs...

She laughs a lot.

What do you like taking pictures of the most?

I like taking pictures in peculiar situations and of people, who represent certain "fields" TO ME, like simplicity, boredom, excitement or people who just happen to cross my way and manage to create an interesting scenery I want to capture. I like taking pictures of situations I’d like to put a "frame around".

I love taking pictures of objects that I would like to emphasize the detail of. This is probably one of the biggest challenges of photography to me.

Biggest Achievement?

Apart from loads of EPIC things on the side I would say I am still working on it… I am modest when it comes to my amazingness!

Where would you really like to visit and why?

New York. Its an unimaginable fantasy. It's a Peter Pan world to me and I hope to make it there in 2011. I am also going to Sweden on a set-research soon. It is still one of the most photogenic places in the world to me!

Australia. Width of the country, animals, coast, surfing, vegimite. No history whatsoever.

6 Things I like about Mona

She is thoughtful.

She makes me laugh.

Doesn’t suffer fools.

Great friend.

Great taste in music.

We often don’t need to verbalise, as we are thinking the same :)

5 things I dislike about her

She has a balcony, I’m jealous.

She has an amazing amount of tee shirts.

She is funnier than me.

She has an amazing cat. I LOVE Gunst.

She has loads and loads of shoes.

What about your film work, Mona?

I am a slowly progressing film director. I have been spending almost one year writing my latest script and am just about to finish it now… Apart from a large amount of written scripts I will make 2011 the year of filming and producing!

Other projects in the past can always be handed over to people who are intrigued… I am currently planning a film display night with a collection of some of the projects I am proud of. Stay tunnnned!

Oh, what is the last script about?

I won't share too much information with you, but it is mainly about memories and what happens with them after people pass away.

Any plans for your photography? Exhibitions or new projects?

Oh, yes! I am going to have my own exhibition in a gallery in Poble Nou/Barcelona in a couple of months.

Apart from that I still find myself treating the topic "La fotografia de la fotografia". Its name basically describes what that could be more or less.

Seeing that I have done many small photography projects in 2010 and the years before I feel ready to get into my films this year!

Any website recommendations? www.pepitofilm.de

You are German and living in Barcelona, Spain, which languages do you actually speak?

I speak German, Italian, Spanish, English and Swedish. Last but not least catalan, the farmerstyle of it.

Isn't she clever? I'm always amazed by this fact, and they do come in handy.

I feel like I am a little more enlightened about Mona and her passions, what makes her tick toc and what inspires her. Is there anything else that you would like to know? Drop her a line.

If you want to contact Mona you can do so by mailing: youcanfindmona@gmail.com and if you want to see her portfolio check out www.pepitofilm.de

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Karina's bags'

I want to share Karina's bags' with you today. These beautiful creations are the very inspiring handywork of designer/maker Karina (suprise, its all in the name!) from Newcastle Upon Tyne. She handcrafts every handbag individually with her own fair hands, from cut to finish, and uses original English leather on the bags. The trimmings and hardware are vintage, some fittings date back to 1910. The handbags are often embellished with stamps, travel decals, vintage scarves, leather flowers and bows.

Vintage Scarf detail.

In a time where there is so much 'throw away' fashion and handbags that can be bought for such low cost prices only to be discarded a few months later. I personally crave something that will stand the test of time and has a little charm and history. Mass production often leads to boredom and a desire for something else after a few weeks. If you buy quality in the first place I think there is a tendency to appreciate the item a little more. This is personal of course. I love pieces that have been thought about and especially those that have been handcrafted and inspired by designers from years past.

Karina, takes inspiration by looking at an eclectic mix of designers and artists as well as from travelling and picking up vintage trimmings. This inspiration can certainly be seen in her bags and the sheer volume of handbags and the difference in their designs and embellishments is extraordinary. Have a look at Karina's bags' flickr to see a lot more of her fabulous designs.

With real attention to detail they really are a work of art and a pleasure to have on your shoulder. I know as I own one (pictured below) and I always feel a little bit special when I use it! I always get comments when I use my bag and I think it's not only because it stands out in its design but because you can see the quality in the design too.

My Beautiful handbag

I love this bag and all it's detail.

Lined with pink leather.

What I really like about the bags is that they are very sturdy and spacious, so I can throw all my bits and bobs in there. The inside of the bags are lined with heavier hide so the stress is placed on the inside. They are one off's and limited editions (max. 5 in different colours).

New Collection
Here is some of the new collection of handbags, all available in other colours.
Check the link below the bags for other colours, designs and information.

Softest lamb nappa hand pleated to make a slightly barrel shaped bag.
Available in donkey brown, chestnut and dove grey (with a pinkish tint)

Isn't this lovely?
Beautiful saddle tan leather handbag.

Made of the softest lamb nappa,
which is then woven by hand to give it a cross hatched effect.
Available in chestnut or a pale olive/pistachio green.

Forest green satchel inspired bag.
Also, comes in scarlet red and traditional saddle tan.

Spacious shopper or roomy laptop bag.
Made of antiqued british leather hides with two extendable brass buckles.
Embellished with vintage travel decals.

Everyone needs a little bit of tartan in their life.
This bag is a combination or pure wool tartan and glazed leather.

Karina's obsession for design and making is truly amazing. For someone who began making items at the age of 6 her passion has continued and never stopped. With a long history of designing and making for labels in London at a young age, she went onto setting up her own label 'Arrivee Peau' in 1982 selling to various Independent boutiques, a section in Fenwicks in Newcastle and began exporting. This came to an end when she gave birth to her second child but her obsession with making has never disappeared and in this period she continued to be inspired and researching technical skills.

In 2007 Karina handcrafted her first collection of handbags. What I find really magnificent is that she only designed her first handbag a few years ago and it was only because a friend had asked her to make one for her, for a high society wedding. Having never made a handbag until this point she soon realised it was a natural forte and has never looked back. It's funny how things happen like this sometimes. At the age of 53, Karina stepped back into the fashion arena and proves that you can do anything at any age you just need to go for it! Not only is her handcrafting skills inspiring, but she is a huge inspiration too, having learned new skills to bring Karina's bags' into the virtual arena too and allowing not only the UK but the world see her beautiful creations.

Here are a few you can pick up for bargain prices!
There are more designs and colours on the sale section of the website.

Scarlet red leather bag with red suede lining.
A bargain at £100

Look at this beautiful little clutch bag, made from suede, leather and exotic skins.
A steal at only £50

Clutch bag made with a variety of different leathers.
Again, a bargain at £50.

One of my favourites.

Suede with amazing feather detail.

Keep checking Karina's bags website for her latest updates, events and 'bag of the week'. There are offers on the site and sometimes discounts so keep an eye out. Karina's first love is designing and making clothing and intends to re-launch a limited edition range of clothing. I will certainly be looking out for that.
You can contact Karina on: karina.hesketh@gmail.com
0191 276 5109

Check out the website: www.karinasbags.co.uk
Facebook Group Karina Hesketh
More Information: Handbag Designer 101

All the photos that I have used (apart from my bag) within this article are copyright of Karina's bags.