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I have wanted to write something about Fiasco since I popped my Fiasco cherry in February this year. I spotted that DJ Heather was playing in Glasgow, at Fiasco's 2nd birthday and couldn't believe my luck. I knew that whoever was putting on a party like this must have something special going on and I was intrigued to know more. I found out the details, did some investigating and found that Fiasco looked like a little gem in terms of underground house music on the UK scene. I have rarely seen other clubnights putting on such great underground house music here and really wanted to go along and see what it was like and see if it was as good as it sounded.


Ed Marco in action

Fiasco was started back in 2008 at the Brunswick hotel and initially started off with Ed Marco and a big bunch of friends partying in a club, soon growing to friends of friends and within a few months had grown massively (to knowing less than half the people there). Born out of a passion for Chicago house music and a good party. Fiasco, was filling a huge hole as there were no other jackin house nights in Glasgow at the time. After a visit to Chicago in July of that year and going to a clubnight called Grizzled (now known as Sizzled) run by The Sound Republic, Ed was impressed by Grizzled and their formula for a good party and worldwide presence in the underground house industry and returned with visions of making Fiasco one of the best nights in the world's Chicago house scene. To be known for bringing the biggest DJ's in the business to Glasgow for intimate monthly parties. Having visited Fiasco in February for their 2nd Birthday, I would say that he and the Fiasco crew are certainly achieving just that. Fiasco, now resides at the intimate home of Bacchus, in the heart of the Merchant City and has brought some of the finest names in the underground House scene to Glasgow and continues to do so. It takes place the first Friday of every month and truly is one not to be missed. It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and get your party feet dancing!


Each month a guest DJ brings their own individual style of underground house music to Fiasco whether it’s jacking house, deep, tech or a combination to help make Fiasco the unique night that it is.

Previous guests have included: Jason Hodges, Heather, Mes, Phil Weeks, Inland Knights, Sonny Fodera, Chuck Daniels, Kinky Movement, Gramophonedzie, Monoman, Craig Hamilton, Tommy Largo, Soydan, Giom, Marcoloco, Chris Harris, John Larner, Dominic Martin, Jay West, Massimo DaCosta & the party’s name sake, Johnny Fiasco (to name but a few), as well as a long list of local DJ talent including Sunday Circus, Sub Club’s Harri & Domenic and DJ Q.

What really shines through when speaking to Ed is his pure passion for the music and vision to take Fiasco forward. He got into the House sound after hearing a DJ Sneak Kinky Trax Mix in 1996 and he was hooked. Not long after, he was discovering the likes of Derrick Carter and Mark Farina, all playing a major part in his house roots. It is not only his passion that keeps Fiasco going BUT the passion of all those involved. It wouldn't be possible without the help and input of every Fiasco crew member and each crew member contributes something to the smooth running and continuation of Fiasco whether its Marketing ideas, flyering, graphic design, web design or source of motivation.

Fiasco is built from a lot of love, hard work and passion as well as awesome tunes, DJ's, residents, party people and atmosphere, that is, what makes Fiasco stand out against a lot of other clubnights. It is made possible by a team of people that share the passion for great music and sharing that with others. It keeps the night intimate, up close and personal and different in many ways to a lot of clubnights being put out these days. Does that make me sound really old? ha or maybe just sick of going to a lot of churned out medioca clubnights with people more concerned with how they look than the tunes being played. Fiasco was certainly a lot different and had a lot more heart and soul, like a very welcoming community, all about having fun and a good time. No posers, just good music, dancing and smiles. Can't ask for more really.......

Each Fiasco event is broadcast live on a worldwide radioshow and hosted by Ed, so if you can't make it along to the night then you can always tune in.

There is also a Podcast available on the Fiasco website. You'll find it just under the 'shout outs' section on the homepage.

Look out for Fiasco's Secret Location Parties too. They are held at the end of May and include a huge line up of international DJ's, as well as loads of local talent being taken to a secret Location and partying for hours to fine house music. Sounds good, aye?

Keep your eyes peeled on the website for more details.


Some of the DJ’s at the Fiasco Secret Location Party 2009

In the photo from left to right are Chris Mac, Lach, Esteban Carracas, Giom, MAD Mike (Groove Armada MC), Tommy Largo, DJ Soydan, Pete Baker, Ed Marco & Marcoloco

I asked Ed Marco a few more questions to find out more about Fiasco, his musical influences the passion behind such an incredible night and what keeps it going.

What has been your favourite Fiasco night? If its at all possible to name one.......

To be honest I have quite a few favourites but if I had to pick, I'd say the Secret Location Parties stand out a mile. For the last three years, at the end of May we put up a huge line up of international guest DJ's as well as a long list of local talent for a unique party in a secret location. The crowd meets at a bar at 4pm and are taken to a secret location where we party for 5 hours and then return for a further 4 hour club party until 3am. All in all it's a mammoth 11 hour session with a variety of different house sounds throughout the day. I love it.

Who are your top musical influences?

I have always loved a wide variety of music. When I was young I was into heavy metal and hip hop. The likes of Snoop, The Beastie Boys and Public Enemy were up there along with Metallica, Pantera and Sepultura. I think the combination of heavy chunky beats and hip hop samples have definitely contributed to my current style of house music. At the same time, I've always loved more mainstream music like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Jamiraqui, The Beegees and loads more.

Top 5 tunes of the moment?

It’s hard to pick a top 5 because they all suit a different time and place but here are 5 that I’ve being playing a lot recently:

Scrub The Tub by Edwin Oosterwal

But a Butt by Spedro

Boom by South of Roosevelt

Get Funky by Pirupa

Boom Chaka Chaka by Jazzmopper J

Top 5 tunes of all time?

Again it’s hard to pick a top 5 of all time but here are a few faves that pop into my mind:

Life is Changing by Cricco Castelli

Get Down wit Yo Bad Self by Ra-Soul

Horny Hustle by Twisted Pair

Flat Funk by Flat Funk

Can’t Hide From Your Bud –DJ Sneak

What keeps you going? and inspired to keep Fiasco Running?

Mainly, it’s the fun we have at the events and the fact that we're bringing a different sound to the city. We get messages of support on our website and our facebook group from people all over the world, saying how much they appreciate what we are doing and how much they'd love to make it to a Fiasco someday. It's great to know that people enjoy what we're doing here. We've now had over 16,000 plays of the mixes on our website which we are obviously really happy about. People regularly travel from all over the UK and Europe to be at Fiasco, which makes us feel like we are contributing something special to the Glasgow Clubbing scene.

Fiasco is a little Gem and anyone that gets the chance should get themselves up to a Fiasco event soon. It is SO worth it.

As I write I am listening to Miss Honey Dijon, who will be the next guest at Fiasco on the 5th November 2010.


Fiasco Events Facebook

Fiasco Events website

Fiasco Events Soundcloud

Ed Marco Soundcloud

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