Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Daily Moustache: The Last Day!

The Daily Moustache is coming to a close and for this I am a little sad. I have loved receiving e-mails of Moustachio's and taking pictures whilst out and about. I am certain I will continue to do this though and keep the Moustache gallery alive. I hope that all your Moustache growing endevours have raised a lot of money for a really good cause. Movember has caused quite a stir and it is so much fun. There have been loads of Movember events and Moustache action going on all over the globe and this can only be a good thing. It shows that amazing things can develop from little ideas. For anyone that has an idea I recommend nuturing it and developing it, you just never know.

I am still upset that I am unable to grow a Mo' for the occasion but being a girl its a little difficult for me. I had one photoshopped in and I LOVE it. Thank you Rees, this was an amazing birthday present. As its the last day of the Moustachio action I have several Mo's I want to upload.

Girlies rockin' the Mo'
Gorgeous Moustache right there

Girlie Grandad Mo'

The Daily Moustache
Awesome Moustache
A fine upper lip right here, full bodied and stylee.

I love this twirly Moustache
I had to debate whether to include this. It is not only a Moustache but a beard too BUT the Moustache is sooooooo cool I just had to. The twirly Mo' is a BIG hit.

Couldn't be bothered to grow one BUT the upper lip still looks good.

Glazed eyes and Gorgeous full bodied Mo'
Sexy and Stylee

Some Moustache's I LOVE.....

My name is Earl

Freddy you rocked it so well

Please keep the Moustache's coming as I will continue with the gallery. Send your mails to boombangblamblog@gmail.com

I hope that everyone has enjoyed ALL The Daily Moustache's. Here are a couple of my favourite's that I have featured.

I love the fill bodied upper lip. It's manly, a little My name is Earl and stylee all rolled into one.

I LOVE this one due to the giggling action and the furry hat!
It's a combination of Amazing Mo' and setting!

And Pout!
I have to stop there now otherwise I will just end up uploading ALL the Moustache's again!!!
Thanks for all you Tash-tastic Lovers, I'm off to find myself a bit of tash rash!!!

Whilst I write I am listening to: Downliners-sekt
Whilst I have been writing and uploading I have been listening to Downliners-sekt. You can find out more about them here. On the Disboot label based in Barcelona. I am listening to a wall of sound here. What I have heard so far I'm really enjoying and this is a label to be explored for sure. Check them out or you will be missing out!

In record shops on December 6th.

DAILY LOVE: Being productive and looking forward to exploring new things
DAILY UNLOVE: The cold. I need some heat!
Another one bites the dust but leaves amazing music to enjoy for years to come......

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