Monday, 1 November 2010


So its the 1st of November. Where did that come from? Time seems to pass so quickly sometimes. I am looking forward to many things that November will bring and I always like the movement to a New Year.

One thing that November does bring is Movember. For all those of you that haven't heard of it or aren't quite sure what it is I will quickly explain or you can click this and it'll tell you everything you need to know. Movember is basically to raise awareness of cancers affecting Men like prostate cancer. The idea is to start clean shaven on November the 1st and for the entire month grow a Moustache. I know for some guys this is probably a challenge in itself. The Moustache becomes a ribbon for mens health . The funds raised go to the number one cancer affecting men, prostate cancer.

Keep up to date with all the Movember action here.

Movember brings with it a lot of events around the world. Check here for updates of events.
I personally just wish I could grow a moustache. Some would say that I can but I beg to differ as I'm a girl and it just is too much of a challenge for me. I will be looking out for amazing tasches on the streets in the next month and they will take pride and place in the Moustache gallery that I will create.

Lets Celebrate the Moustache in Movember, whether its dodgy, pimpin, hitler- esque, indie, porno....I would love to see them. Send them to
Its true guys look better with a tasche. There is just something a little bit sexy about them! and there is the tasche rash too.

Awesome tasche 2
The ginger Tasche

Awesome Tasche 3
Dodgy or porno? um....

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