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Friday featuring Mona Piffpaff

I have wanted to start doing a little interview feature on my blog for so long now and its finally getting there. I have an innate passion for asking questions. Some people have said that they have felt like they were under interrogation on first meeting but I think that is a little extreme. I like to describe it as 'interested'. I like finding out about people (amongst other things), what they do, their passions, what makes them tick and what doesn't. Those people can be artists, musicians, researchers, disabled, students, fashionista's, pipefitters, cleaners, surgeons, trend setters, film makers, dreamers, searchers, seekers and I think you get it! i'm interested in people and what they have to say.......and see the world through their eyes, for a moment.

I will begin my first little Friday feature with Mona Piffpaff.

I spent an afternoon on the beach with Mona (which all seems like a distance memory now!) and asked her some questions. I'd like to be sitting on that beach with her again soon :)

A short introduction.

Name: My name is Mona. Mona Souli, but mainly Piffpaff. You do the maths!

Age: 25

Born: Munich

Living in: Barcelona

Occupation: Photographer, film director, survivor.

Studying: Sociology (former studies: cinematography, journalism)

Eye Colour: Brown, like Deer

Here we go......

I will begin on a serious note and ask the thought provoking ones. I like to ask people what their hopes, fears and dreams are in their life.


What do you hope for (in your life)?

To have enough money not to worry about things. To be comfortable with what I have. The last little bit is to become famous and appreciated for my films and photography work.

I think this is definitely possible as I have seen some of her work (photography) and it's pretty good.


What do you fear?

Flying and sharks.

Plane and simple.


A Dream of yours?

To be able to fall asleep before the take off of EVERY flight I’m on.

What makes you cry?

Films. I can absorb a film more than real life. Oh, and myself at times of course!

Mona laughs...

When was the last time you cried?

I’d cry again if i told you now.

Then Mona enlightens us a little snippet “ It was flying back from Berlin, hence a drunken fear tear, which was wiped away by Simon”

What traits do you dislike in people?

People who generalise.

Patronising people.

Someone who thinks they have worked me out (know me) when they actually know f*** all about me.

Guys who only put their thumbs in their pockets (and the rest of the hand is hanging out ).

Oh my goodness I share these views, too. One of the most annoying things in the world are people that think they know you and they actually know nothing at all. I’m with Mona all the way on this one.

Traits that you like in people?

Sarcasm, intuition, hidden sides without showing them, people who are intrigued (thats me, I know now that Mona likes me......!!!), and people who are interested in knowing more.

I just thought I would repeat the last point as its such a good one and its nice to say the same thing twice but in different ways sometimes!!!

What is your favourite food?

Dinkelcrunchies from DM in Munich.

They are basically like Jordan’s crispy crunch for anyone wondering.

Your favourite films?

Old Boy, Donnie Darko, Himmel ├╝ber Berlin, Metropolis, Fargo, Mystery Train, Dolls, Happiness, Delicatessen….

This list could look different at times, depending on my mood swings!

Mona laughs...

She laughs a lot.

What do you like taking pictures of the most?

I like taking pictures in peculiar situations and of people, who represent certain "fields" TO ME, like simplicity, boredom, excitement or people who just happen to cross my way and manage to create an interesting scenery I want to capture. I like taking pictures of situations I’d like to put a "frame around".

I love taking pictures of objects that I would like to emphasize the detail of. This is probably one of the biggest challenges of photography to me.

Biggest Achievement?

Apart from loads of EPIC things on the side I would say I am still working on it… I am modest when it comes to my amazingness!

Where would you really like to visit and why?

New York. Its an unimaginable fantasy. It's a Peter Pan world to me and I hope to make it there in 2011. I am also going to Sweden on a set-research soon. It is still one of the most photogenic places in the world to me!

Australia. Width of the country, animals, coast, surfing, vegimite. No history whatsoever.

6 Things I like about Mona

She is thoughtful.

She makes me laugh.

Doesn’t suffer fools.

Great friend.

Great taste in music.

We often don’t need to verbalise, as we are thinking the same :)

5 things I dislike about her

She has a balcony, I’m jealous.

She has an amazing amount of tee shirts.

She is funnier than me.

She has an amazing cat. I LOVE Gunst.

She has loads and loads of shoes.

What about your film work, Mona?

I am a slowly progressing film director. I have been spending almost one year writing my latest script and am just about to finish it now… Apart from a large amount of written scripts I will make 2011 the year of filming and producing!

Other projects in the past can always be handed over to people who are intrigued… I am currently planning a film display night with a collection of some of the projects I am proud of. Stay tunnnned!

Oh, what is the last script about?

I won't share too much information with you, but it is mainly about memories and what happens with them after people pass away.

Any plans for your photography? Exhibitions or new projects?

Oh, yes! I am going to have my own exhibition in a gallery in Poble Nou/Barcelona in a couple of months.

Apart from that I still find myself treating the topic "La fotografia de la fotografia". Its name basically describes what that could be more or less.

Seeing that I have done many small photography projects in 2010 and the years before I feel ready to get into my films this year!

Any website recommendations?

You are German and living in Barcelona, Spain, which languages do you actually speak?

I speak German, Italian, Spanish, English and Swedish. Last but not least catalan, the farmerstyle of it.

Isn't she clever? I'm always amazed by this fact, and they do come in handy.

I feel like I am a little more enlightened about Mona and her passions, what makes her tick toc and what inspires her. Is there anything else that you would like to know? Drop her a line.

If you want to contact Mona you can do so by mailing: and if you want to see her portfolio check out

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