Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Bristol: Street Art Part Two

I am knuckling down again to some work and have yet again been sidetracked thinking about uploading some more photos from my trip to Bristol. I guess I am just going to write a little more about Bristol and share a few more photos and clear my head and then I can get on with my MASSIVE 'to do' list.

If anyone read the post the other day you will know that I uploaded a few of my favourite photos of some street art that I discovered while I was wandering the streets. If you didn't read it click here and you can have a little look. Bristol, is a City where it is very hard to miss amazing street art, inspiration and colour! The people that are making Bristol the place it is with all the wonderful walls covered in art, you are providing loads of people with a smile a day I reckon.

I have loads that I want to write about Bristol's shops such as Dutty , Blaze, Cox and Boloney Vintage Boutique and eateries like the canteen, which doubles as a music venue too. I feel like I want to devote more time to the shops and eateries though. I will crack on and share some more of the pictures and my mind is now ticking about writing about the wonderful shops I found and my 'to do' list is staring at me. I will save the shops for another day as they deserve more time.....a little something for now though......

One of my favourite finds. A shop full to the brim with creativity and colour, with one off designs, customised vintage, artwork, spraypaint, handmade pieces, accessories and loads more. It has to be checked out. They also play Prince and the owner and staff are ace. I will write more on Dutty soon so watch this space!

I will start the photos with this picture, that I didn't even take. My friend that took me to some good spots last week sent it to me today, well rather Hannah (his girlfriend did!). Thank you Dave and Hannah! a combined effort that made me smile. Dave also runs a community radio show called, A cup of Tea and a piece of Cake on bcfm 93.2fm. He has loads of Bristol based artists on his show. It's more acoustic and folk singer songwriters so if that's your thing then you should tune in!

Love Vandalism :)

Picture taken by Dave.
Thank you!

I LOVE Panda's

Panda chillin' in a boat on Hillgrove St.

It's all about Knowledge.

Loving the colour.

I like the way the peapod is dressed.
Very dapper.

Beautiful butterfly boy hanging out on Brookfield Avenue.

R.I.P Stegosaurus and all other Dinosaurs of course.
(I think it's a Stegosaurus!)

A continuation of the last......

Sitting on a bomb, next to a bin with a birdbox stuck on his head.
The woodpecker about to peck.
I would say he isn't having a great day!
Just wait till it explodes....

Hanging out with a tickle stick.
Isn't her dress cool? :)

Let's play hop scotch.
One of my favourites!

This part of Bristol is so lovely.

I live at Number 2.

I have so many more which I will keep sharing over the next few days, weeks or when I feel like adding a bit of brightness to my posts. I made loads of discoveries while in Bristol and am itching to go back sometime soon to see how the walls have changed, to dance to some ghetto tech (or whatever else is on offer at the time), buy some clothes from Dutty, eat more great food and maybe even go to the Thekla and perhaps even wander over to the Clifton suspension bridge. Yep, I missed that, too busy staring at walls and hanging out with my amazing friends there :)

I have added some links of venues, galleries, shops and other things that caught my eye or I find interesting, all Bristol related. I am no great expert but some of these places kept me happy for 3 days.

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