Sunday, 3 April 2011

Bristol: Street Art and more

I am in the middle of trying to be constructive and organised, and it seems like tonight is not the night for me to be getting it all sorted. I'm embarking on ebay for the first time and sometimes the relatively simple is a headache. Where is my geek when I need him? my skinny jeaned, wearing twiglet legged, dodgy pimpin, porno tashed geek? most importantly, one that is great at organising and has the patient of a saint when ebay rejects my password SEVERAL times, when it cannot be anything other than the one I have inserted a squillion times! Aaaaahhhhhh! So you are feeling my pain I guess and if you aren't well then you have probably never used ebay or are an actual total geek and would never face the problems that I am having this evening or just aren't that arsed about empathy for someone you don't know, who writes a blog you have stumbled across (I don't blame you). I guess this little glitch has brought me to writing this post (they have been fairly absent of late I know!). This is due to loads of stuff but bear with me and I will be back in full swing, embarking on more interviews, pictures, recommendations and all that kind of thing.

The fact that I am writing this post and being thoroughly peeved with my passwords not working brings me to enlighten you and update with some of the things that I have seen and discovered over the past few days. If I go back weeks the post will go on forever and as this isn't a novel I will spare you the words (or try).

I have just spent a few days in Bristol for various reasons (sounds rather important doesn't it?). I will leave you all wondering.... I had never been before and all I assosiated with the city was Drum n' bass, street art and a fantastic music scene. I discovered a whole lot more while wandering about. I shared a few the other day on my posting, you can have a little look here. I found amazing places to eat well for a fiver, great galleries, quirkly little shops, loads of vintage boutiques and a folk night in a scout hut! I'm not even into folk music particularly so that was a random little discovery indeed.

I could write so much about Bristol and all that I found but I think first I will incorporate some of my favourite pieces of street art from the last few days. I made loads of these discoveries either by wandering solo or with my amazing friends that kindly took me to some specific areas. The other discoveries will be shared over time.

In the midst

The major discoveries about Bristol is rather a lot of amazing street art and that DJ Godfather is playing at Timbuk2 on April 15th. I think that anyone that will be in Bristol that weekend shouldn't give it another thought and buy your ticket now. I have seen DJ Godfather play before and can't wait to see him again, sometime soon I hope. I reckon it'll be a night to be remembered, with no room for standing at the bar dancefloor gazing. This one should be a biggie. It's Brock Out's 3rd Birthday! I say go, go, go.....

On Safari

Hand car wash

Beautiful angels and dreams of mountain ranges

Semiotic Servants

Think Local....

Monkey riding a cow

Horley Road

The end result

The streets in England are often grey due the weather and concrete everywhere, but, Bristol is totally brightened up by the colourful street art. Wherever you turn there is something to look at and make you smile, turning the average day into something much brighter. Street art is something that should be embraced. I spent a lot of time just staring at the walls which would normally be a very unacceptable and strange thing to do. I got away with it in bristol though! I even played my first game of skittles in a pub! Apparently another thing that is quite typical.


  1. A nice big up to Bristol , cheers

  2. Thank you!
    I loved my few days in Bristol and literally have hundreds of photos. I just popped up a few favourites. It's a really inspiring City.
    It's really great to read lovely comments so thanks and I will no doubt posts loads more stuff about Bristol in the next few days. :) x